BFS Interior Projects offer stand-alone or comprehensive interior design & project management services to suit your project requirements:

Project Management

Moving, expanding or upgrading your business premises is an extremely challenging time for a business. The amount of disruption can be enormous and just maintaining your day to day operations is challenging enough. A high level of planning, coordination and overseeing is required but taking this entire responsibility in-house can often be unmanageable and have costly knock on effects for the business.

By sharing this responsibility with us, your involvement in non-core business issues is kept to a minimum. You focus on successfully growing your business, and we’ll look after the business of project management – from initial brief to the planning and interior design, to managing the contractors for your new or refurbished installation and sign-off.

project management

Business Assessment

Once briefed on your requirements and before any planning can take place, an assessment of your businesses operations, personnel and facility needs to be carried out.

We first need to understand the purpose of your move or refurbishment. We ask questions relating to corporate, departmental and individual needs. We need to understand what growth your business has experienced and which teams have been most affected. It is also important to be aware of the way in which the business is currently utilising its existing space, and what the business is looking to achieve with the new or refurbished space.

An indication of initial budget and timing at this point would allow us to advise you on the most appropriate direction the project should take. Should funds be limited we will explore the many ways which finances can be maximised to accomplish the desired outcome. In such an instance we would audit your existing assets, evaluate what assets still have a valuable lifespan and where possible we may be able to cater for their re-utilisation.

business assessment

Space Planning

Once the assessment of your needs has been adequately completed, we can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together and create the environment that is optimal for your business.

First we check your floor space to understand what usable space there is. We then identify and group the different entities of your business through organograms and organisational charts. Comprehensive considerations such as department workflows, thoroughfares, ICT & cabling, ablutions, formal and informal meeting areas, access and exit areas, kitchens and storage areas are all taken into account while also understanding the health and safety requirements.

This is a process and often there are various options and drafts before finalising the ultimate layout. The layouts will also be impacted by the interior design considerations and therefore these two stages are often done hand in hand.

Space Planning

Interior Design

Interior design is the daring task of seamlessly blending the form and the function of the environment in order to achieve the true balance of these disciplines. The space plan and the needs analysis are the basis of the functional requirements but the visual design elements reflect the energy or tranquillity of your business.

How your company brand needs to be perceived by your clients, suppliers and even your own staff, will indicate what type of statement you need to make with your new or refurbished office space. This can be an all-encompassing total make-over, or it could be subtle additions and alterations to an already stylish and professional set-up, just keeping your brand current and contemporary.

Once the design is approved, all technical drawings including, demolition and new walling, electrical, ceiling and flooring layouts as well as instructions for wall and floor finishes are compiled and prepared for contractors to begin work.


Tenant Installation

The tenant installation is the coordination and actual contract work done on site. By having a dedicated management resource at your disposal enables you stay focused on your own business while we take care of the specifying and costing process, and the day to day management of the contractors on site.

We ensure the contractors are duly qualified and capable, that they are reliable and are running on schedule. We make sure they are fulfilling the design requirements and are keeping the project on budget. Yes, peace of mind is possible if you partner with the right company to manage this process.

Tenant insallations

Furniture Procurement

Whether you require purpose made furniture or merely need us to source and supply the appropriate items for your environments, we can offer value in being able to define and provide technical specifications and workplace standards. We will provide you with initial budget estimations and detailed quotations including deliveries, installations and guarantees.

Furniture Procurement

Furniture Hire

Often projects have phases and sometimes this demands the need for hiring furniture to bridge the phases. Hiring office furniture gives you the flexibility to be able to keep your business operational while in the middle of renovations or procuring your furniture which can take a few weeks to complete.

Firniture hire

Move Management

Part of a complete solution would include managing the move from the old environment into the new one. This is a process where every individual’s personals and filing are packed, labelled, recorded, and delivered to the individual’s new workstation. The general company contents and filing are similarly managed.

Should you have furniture assets that are being reutilised in the new environment, we coordinate the disassembly, transportation and reinstallation of these items into the planned area of their reuse, taking the hassle out of the logistical nightmare this often becomes when left to plan and execute alone.

Move Managment